Eportfolio Ireland: The Potential and Practice of Eportfolio

We are delighted to announce that Eportfolio Ireland invites you to another free half-day seminar/workshop on Monday November 11th at Dublin City University’s (DCU) St. Patricks Campus. The workshop, which follows after the ICDE World Conference on Online Learning (3-7th November,) will run from 9.30am to 1:00pm.ep-logo-1.jpg

Kristina Hoeppner, from Catalyst IT, New Zealand and guru on all things eportfolio has kindly agreed to keynote on the day. Following that, we hope to facilitate a “Connect & Converse” session to share our own eportfolio practices. The value of the Eportfolio Ireland community is nested in these events where we can share our collective experiences and seek to learn from one another.

The format of Connect & Converse is a 10-minute presentation/discussion in small groups as participants rotate around the room (a speed dating format, if you will!). If you would like to share what you have been doing with eportfolio in your institution, what you would like to try, or would simply welcome feedback on your initiative from others in the field, please just send a 5 line description of what you would like to discuss by emailing Lisa Donaldson:


Please note that tables for this event are limited, so please contact Lisa as soon as possible if you would like to contribute a brief talk and register here to reserve your place.

From Dublin to Ho Chi Minh City…

Our NIDL team is delighted to be involved in the “Empowering Vietnamese VET Teachers for Transformation towards Education 4.0” (EMVITET) project. This is an Erasmus+ project, led by HAMK University in Finland, with the Teaching Enhancement Unit at Dublin City University (DCU) and Leuven University partnering to provide project technology and pedagogy solutions for six Vietnamese higher education and vocational institutions.

20190227_081214.jpgEMVITET aims to create new learning ecosystems for Education 4.0 in Vietnam, based on student-centered learning, competence-based education, collaboration/networking in digital environments, and sharing knowledge through a community of practice. Participants of this project will be able to:

  • Effectively use technology to enhance and transform teaching and learning practices
  • Design and implement competence-based and student-centred learning
  • Engage with communities within education and industry to create connections and support collaboration

20190226_181755.jpgThe project commenced in January 2019 and the visit to Vietnam in February was the first opportunity for the European and Vietnamese partners to meet. Dr Mark Glynn and Lisa Donaldson travelled to Vietnam for the three day kickoff meeting. It was truly a collaborative experience with all partners contributing to the vision of the new pedagogical processes the project would enable. DCU will be supporting the partners to achieve a new understanding of Education 4.0 through delivering the Learning Management System portal and the eportfolio platform that will be used by participants to reflect on their learning during the three years of the project.


Reflecting on the first face-to-face meeting, a word has to be said about the incredible hospitality of our Vietnamese partners. 20190301_131205 (1).jpgThe kickoff meeting was such a well planned event with valuable learning for all around culture as well as pedagogical practices. The learning was interspersed with a very festive kickoff dinner and sociable lunches. According to Lisa and Mark the Vietnamese food deserves a blog post to itself but suffice it to say they report it was delicious and plentiful!

Feedback from the first three days together was very positive and the DCU team looks forward to our next meeting in Finland in September, as we move from the preparation phase to a new vision of education for all.