Designing for Learning

This week we hosted Professor Grainne Conole who earlier in the year was formally appointed as an Adjunct Professor within the NIDL. A highlight of Grainne’s visit was the half-day workshop she facilitated to an invited group of DCU and linked College staff on the topic of learning design. Drawing on her recent book Designing for Learning in an Open World, and more specifically the 7Cs Framework, Grainne explained key differences between the field of Learning Design and more traditional conceptions of Instructional Design.

She then explained a number of innovative ways of helping academic staff to articulate the design process in order to better realise the affordances and opportunities available through new digital technologies. This was productive line of discussion which generated lots of good ideas. As an outcome of the workshop the NIDL team is already planning when to schedule a design challenge for staff.  We are also looking forward to working with Grainne again in her new role in the National Institute.

LD Workshop