Plans and Prospects in relation to Khan Academy

Dublin City University (DCU) and Arizona State University (ASU) are delighted to announce a new programme that builds on our respective institutions’ commitment to removing mathematics as a barrier to student success in higher education. ASU and DCU will work in partnership on an initiative to leverage the Khan Academy‘s adaptive learning platform to enhance the mathematical skills of our students.


This research-based project will leverage the Khan Academy‘s free, globally accessible adaptive learning platform–fitting it to the needs of our respective students; training lecturers, teachers and tutors as effective Khan Academy coaches; and building research-evidenced insights into students’ learning of mathematics. Our goal is to create a personalized math education ecosystem which can dramatically improve student success by combining widely available, open resources with effective human pedagogy.

DCU’s work with the Khan Academy combines efforts in the School of Mathematical Sciences, Maths Learning Centre, CASTeL (Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning), and the National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL).

ASU’s Khan programme is an expansion of its deep investment in adaptive learning to improve student success in general education, especially among at risk populations. ASU’s First Year Mathematics redesign project is a 4 year collaboration between ASU Online and the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.

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