Microsoft’s CEO Visits DCU and Talks the Future of Learning and Teaching

At the beginning of October 2016 Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO gave a talk on DCU’s St Patrick’s Campus on the future of learning. Prior to hearing from the CEO the audience of over 500 guests heard Mark Pollock share his personal story about challenging conventional thinking.


During a fireside chat with Professor Deirdre Butler of DCU Institute of Education and Associate Member of the NIDL, the Microsoft chief spoke about inspiring the next generation of teachers to engage and embrace new learning technologies.  Thanking Mr Nadella for his insights, Professor Butler said,

“From one lifelong learner to another, I am excited that we share many of the same values and principles.  I look forward to designing meaningful learning environments that harness technology in creative and innovative ways to empower our students to ‘be the difference in the world’ in order to create a just and equitable society for all.”