MicroNet ECIU-DCU Webinar – Building the Blocks for a European Micro-Credential Infrastructure: The Next Steps for ECIU & Europass

Micro-credentials remain a topic of debate and discussion across Europe, and DCU is hosting a forthcoming one-hour webinar next Wednesday, at 12pm (GMT), titled…

Building the blocks for a European Micro-Credential infrastructure: the next steps for ECIU & Europass.

The webinar will have two speakers, the first of whom, Padmasheela Kiiskilä, of Tampere University and the ECIU, will describe the perspectives of the ECIU, as a leading alliance of European universities within this domain. The second presenter, Anthony Camilleri, an Expert in Digitally Signed Credentials at NTT Data Europe, will discuss the broader landscape across Europe concerning micro-credential adoption. This event is an exciting opportunity to build upon momentum and discuss the key challenges facing institutions across the continent as they seek to engage in new forms of flexible learning. It’s also a good way to reflect on both what has been accomplished to date, but also the many steps that are still to come, in building a responsive and adaptable European micro-credential eco-system and infrastructure.

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