DCU Connected Marketing Campaign Gets Underway

The National Institute for Digital Learning was heavily involved in the launch of the DCU Connected marketing campaign, which ran for the month of August. Consisting of several forms of advertising spread across numerous media forms, DCU Connected comprises of a selection of online courses available across a vast array of disciplines. Connected is aimed at students who may not be able to commit to full-time study on-campus, and is available to students across the world. The marketing campaign took place in numerous forms, both through online and physical interactions.

Firstly, the online aspect of the campaign was arguably the most notable. The campaign was run across multiple platforms, including digital, radio and outdoor broadcasting. The digital aspect of the campaign featured multiple interviews with people involved in most of the areas of study DCU Connected provides, alongside a welcome video by NIDL Director, Professor Mark Brown. The videos provide people interested in DCU Connected with a brief yet considerable insight into the changes online learning is bringing to the world of education as a whole, and exemplifies how learning is now no longer confined to the old structure of the classroom and lecture theatre. One of the promotional videos was produced with award-winning tutor Margo Ryan.

There was extensive marketing for DCU Connected outside of the online realm also, as four open days were held across the month. Open days took place on the 6th, 15th, 20th and 29th of August. These open days proved to be a resounding success. Alongside all the successes on the aforementioned fronts, DCU Connected also had a stand at the 2015 Springboard Showcase, which took place in Dublin.