Pitching the ‘What Works and Why? Technology Enhanced Learning’ Project

On November 10th, Dr Mark Glynn made a final presentation for funding for the ‘What Works and Why? Technology Enhanced Learning’ project. The project is a collaboration between a number of Irish universities and Institutes of Technology, consisting of Dublin City University (lead), Maynooth University, Athlone Institute of Technology, and Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Presenting on behalf of all the collaborators involved, Mark highlights in the presentation the aims of the project, should it receive the necessary funding. An ambitious project, the collaborating institutes will aim to, among other things, launch a minimum of eight peer mentoring circles, establish a minimum of ten TEL innovation projects, and conduct a number of surveys with staff and students. Ultimately, the aim is to ‘focus on impactful professional development for staff through a range of events which are linked by a common, overarching question’. The project was approved in the following weeks by the National Forum selection panel, and was allocated a total of €135k in funding. The program proved a success, and wrapped up in June 2016. Mark’s presentation can be viewed in full below at the following Youtube link.