D-STEP Project – Update

In June 2017, Dr Mark Glynn gave a presentation to an expert panel summarising progress to-date on the National Forum funded D-STEP project. The focus of this project was originally in the discipline of Psychology with a small team of people but this emphasis has since evolved to a range of other areas. The intention is to develop and enhance sustainable and impactful discipline-related initiatives through building teaching groups and communities of practice. Further information about the D-STEP project and summary of activity achieved so far appears in the video below and on the National Forum’s website.

Final Y1 Feedback Project Presentation to International Expert Panel

The final presentation on the Y1 Feedback project funded by the National Forum was given by project lead Lisa O’Regan to the review panel in October, 2016. This project set out to pilot technology enhanced feedback approaches to facilitate teacher feedback/feedforward and peer-feedback in large first year classes to support student transition. An extensive review of existing experience in this area was undertaken based on a literature review and survey of existing practice.

The basic assumption is that technology enabled feedback approaches can support learning designs that may not otherwise be possible due to time, large groups, or location as well as providing more opportunities for teachers to provide ongoing dialogical feedback. Currently the final phase of the project is underway in documenting a number of Y1 Feedback case studies of effective feedback practices. The results of the Y1 Feedback project will be presented at a Feedback Symposium at Maynooth University at the end of January 2017.