New publication on Improving Academic Integrity Through Assessment Design

Our Teaching Enhancement team has just published a new report on improving Academic Integrity developed as part of the European funded “Integrity” project. The report provides a scoping review to investigate how assessment design is being used to promote Academic Integrity and to better understand the types of recommendations being made for using assessment design to support and advance the principles of Academic Integrity.

Academic Integrity

More specifically the review is structured to answer the following questions:

  • What is academic integrity?
  • What is academic dishonesty?
  • Why do students cheat?
  • What are the implications?
  • Why this review?
  • How did we review the literature?
  • What did we find out?
  • What are the main takeaways from the review?
  • What are some of the major gaps?
  • What are the key recommendations?

More resources will come including an entire toolkit for academic staff on the same topic so hopefully this scoping review whet’s your appetite.