From Stay-at-Home to Back-to-Work

By Dr Lorraine Delaney

Many people step out of the labour market at some point in their lives. Subsequently the desire or necessity to return to work can arise.

HiredReturning to work can be challenging. Skills or qualifications may be out of date, or perhaps you have no third level qualification.

It is important to prepare for a future return to employment by ensuring as far as possible that your skills and CV are relevant to the labour market.

For many homemakers the cost of upskilling, while still at home, is prohibitive. Not only are there course fees to consider; there may be the additional costs of childcare, transport etc. This is why the current Springboard+ courses at DCU Connected are such good news for homemakers.

You can read the full version of this brief think piece and find out more about fully funded online courses for Irish homemakers and caregivers on Dr Lorraine Delaney’s Linkedin website.