Software Development Career Transition Course: Year Two Road Report

By Dr Eamon Costello

Last year I wrote a Linkedin article that promoted a newly developed DCU Connected online course. In that article I talked about my own personal connection to ICT Skills Conversion courses and about the rationale behind our Higher Diploma in Science in Software Development, a two year part-time course which charges no fees for students who are working but wish to make a career change. The course is part of the Government’s ICT Skills Conversion initiative aimed at transitioning workers into areas of skills needs in the economy, and more specifically into ICT.

Road.jpgIt’s now Déjà vu all over again as we are currently enrolling a new cohort of eager students on this course. It is now also the start of year two for last year’s group of learners so it’s a fitting time to reflect on how things are going. In many respects the course exceeded my expectations. One is always nervous starting a new venture. Start of term is a giddy mix of excitement and anxiety for the journey ahead. How will students fare in an intensive and immersive course of study? What can I say to motivate them for the road ahead? How can we build a supportive environment with students to help them engage and build skills and competencies in software development? How can I instill the passion that I and my academic colleagues have for the topics?

You can read the full version of this brief think piece and find out the answers to the above questions and more information about pursuing a career in Ireland’s growing ICT industry on Dr Eamon Costello’s Linkedin website.