Top 10 Reads for 2017

The NIDL team will once again share over the month of December our 10 top reads (articles) for 2017 selected from a wide range of open access journals in the general areas of Blended, On-line and Digital (BOLD) Education. We are currently reviewing and short-listing a diverse selection of journal articles published since the beginning of the year and will share our final top 10 publications in December (initially via Twitter as we countdown to our No 1 article), which we recommend for educators, researchers and policy-makers with an interest in the area. The full list of our top 10 reads along with brief comments about each article will be published on our blog before the holiday break.


The 2016 list…

The top 10 articles selected for 2016 and recommended for reading over the holiday season are listed below if you missed them last year.

  1. Open Access Journals in Educational Technology: Results of a Survey of Experienced Users
  2. Mapping research trends from 35 years of publications in Distance Education
  3. Different views on Digital Scholarship: separate worlds or cohesive research field?
  4. Research Trends in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Theses and Dissertations: Surfing the Tsunami Wave
  5. A Systematic Analysis and Synthesis of the Empirical MOOC Literature Published in 2013–2015
  6. Learning Analytics Methods, Benefits, and Challenges in Higher Education: A Systematic Literature Review 
  7. Open Educational Resources and College Textbook Choices: A Review of Research on Efficacy and Perceptions
  8. Sociable Scholarship: The Use of Social Media in the 21st Century Academy
  9. Reaching the Unreached: De-mystifying the Role of ICT in the Process of Doctoral Research
  10. Retention, Progression and the Taking of Online Courses