Digi-Culture Project: Closing Workshop

This week the Digi-Culture project has its closing workshop over 3-days in Timisoara, Romania as part of the IAFeS International Conference NETTIES. This hybrid workshop with a mix of online and in-place events is a chance to celebrate the cultural and creative industries that have been hit hard by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Digi-Culture project team sought to help by sharing our experience in online learning and opening the door to future digital innovation in this sector. The reality is that even before the pandemic there was…

“a lack of digital capacity in both the leadership of and processes within the sector” (Bowes et al., 2018).

The workshop will present the 13 free online courses developed within the Digital Culture project. These courses aim at improving the individual digital competences and social inclusion of adults working in creative industries. While they primarily target this sector and include a range of topics ranging digital safety to digital content creation, they are open to everyone. The video below tells you more about how to access the courses.

You can learn more, and register for these and the other courses in the series, on the DigiCulture website.

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Bowes, L., Higton, J., Spong, S., Welford, J., Choudhoury, A., & Francis, N. (2018). Skills needs assessment for the creative and cultural sector: A current and future outlook. CFE Research.https://creativealliance.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Report-Skills-Needs-Assessment-For-The-Creative-And-Cultural-Sector-CCSkills.pdf