Finding Open Nuggets: A Conversation with three Editors-in-Chief

As part of EDEN’s series of webinars during Open Education Week (1-5 March, 2021), we are pleased to be hosting a conversation with three Editors-in-Chief of well known open access journals in the area of open, online and digital education. The panel includes:

The conversation will begin by reflecting on some of the NIDL’s “good reads” published over the past year and then discusses key trends, tensions and takeaways emerging from a rich colour pallet of openly available literature. Moderated by Mark Brown, the Editors will share some of their favourite “open nuggets” available in the literature and then discuss what makes a good journal article.

The conversation aims to help demystify from an insider’s perspective what makes a paper really standout from the crowd and how each journal goes about selecting articles for publication, with tips for budding authors.

The panel also shares their own critical reading strategies where reviewing the literature to support practitioners, scholarly professionals, and new and emerging researchers to successfully locate, critique and translate contemporary theory and research into practice, and back again. By the end of this conversation participants will be better equipped and more knowledgeable about how to locate, interpret and contribute to relevant literature in their own areas of interest and educational contexts. 

You can join this lively discussion at 12 noon (CET) on Tuesday 2nd March, with the registration link available on the dedicated EDEN page for Open Education Week. The first webinar in the series kicks off at 17:00 (CET) on Monday 1st March with a panel reflecting on the role of openness and professional bodies in shaping post-pandemic education.