Webinar: Creating Engaging Conference Abstracts

By Professor Grainne Conole

Last week as part of our support for this year’s ICDE World Conference on Online Learning I facilitated with my colleague Dr Orna Farrell a webinar and face-to-face workshop on ‘Creating Engaging Conference Abstracts’. There was good participation in the webinar (about 15 people ) and lots of interaction. At the start we asked participants what their experience was of attending conferences, what was good and what was not so good. Here are some of the comments.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/vZJdYl5JVXY

• Getting an outside view of your work

• Conferences are a great way of getting to meet others working in a similar space – opportunities to find out interesting and relevant stuff others are working on

• Networking, sharing ideas and gathering feedback

• Participation varies depending on the size. Smaller conference I am more at ease to network, mingle. Larger conferences I find a bit challenging

• Always lovely to meet people in real-life who are part of my online network

• At a large conference you really have to plan ahead and be strategic about which sessions you attend and perhaps debrief with colleagues at the end of each day who may have attended other sessions

• Use the conference app and follow the Twitter hashtag. For our ICDE World Conference follow @WCOL2019 and/or #WCOL2019 to keep up to date with new developments as we count down to the conference. 

It was a really enjoyable session and we hope participants found the webinar useful. The session was recorded if you want to listen to some of the advice we provided and we hope to see some interesting World Conference submissions from those who participated in the webinar or workshop. A follow up webinar for people thinking about submitting a paper for the World Conference will be offered later in the month.

Date: Wednesday 27th February (9.30 am GMT)

Login: http://dcu.adobeconnect.com/wcol2019/

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Preparing Effective Paper Submissions: World Conference Workshops

The deadline for papers for the ICDE World Conference on Online Learning (#WCOL2019) is fast approaching. To help people prepare submissions we are offering a number of workshops, a face-to-face one at DCU and two online webinars open to prospective authors around the globe. The workshops will consist of the following aspects:

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  • Overview of the WCOL, overarching questions, key themes and submission types
  • Tips and hints on what makes a good submission
  • Brainstorming in groups on ideas for submissions
  • Sharing of ideas and refinement of topics
  • Making the most of the conference and use of social media
  • Converting conference presentations into articles

During the conference one of the highlights will be our special interactive knowledge forum on the topic of “Getting Your Research Published: Meet the Editors” where delegates will have an opportunity to discuss publication opportunities with Editors from many of the leading journals in the area. Also as part of our “Best Paper” awards we have negotiated the opportunity where recognised authors will be invited to submit their outstanding work for publication in a special issue of a well known journal. But the foundations to a good paper begin with the title and abstract and we hope many people planning on submitting a paper for this year’s World Conference join one of our webinars. Slides for the workshop are already online, with dates and further instructions appearing below.


Webinar Dates: 

Wednesday 13th February, 9.30-10.30 am (GMT)

Wednesday 27th February, 9.30-10.30 am (GMT)

Webinar Login: 


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